Commodity  trading

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                                                      ABOUT US


EGS  has a wide range and network of agents and suppliers globally, who look up to us and take the advantage we offer them by trading with us.




EGS exports and imports a wide range of eatables. It also has a strong focus on international commodities such as wheat, Cement ,sugar , barley UREA, Steel


etc. etc.


EGS has a commitment to quality, value & timeliness and is accustomed to achieving it every time. We have a dedicated and experienced staff that respond to customer orders on a timely manner and ensure to provide them with the best competitive prices. Well-qualified & experienced team will ensure you uncompromised satisfaction and peace of mind across our supply chain.


EGS is dedicated to restoring stronger ties with its existing markets and further building its markets globally. We ensure to take care of complete accuracy in every transaction passing through us.



We value the relationship with each of our suppliers and customers. We look forward to developing a long term partnership of trust, honesty and integrity with all our stakeholders.



**Quality assurance management is our key to delight our clients.




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12500MT x 12 MONTH  price  73USD

SUGAR offer 12500MT x 12 MONTH 480 USD$


12500MT x 12  price  430USD